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SPINNERCRAFT - Executive Bundle - 3 Spinners, 3 Colors(save 20%) - Fidget Spinner, Hand Spinners, Desk Toy

Executive Bundle - 3 Spinners, 3 Colors (save 60%)


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Spinner 1:
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Executive Bundle - 3 Spinners, 3 Colors (save 60%)

Classy enough for any occasion, this tri arm spinner is an internet favorite, and back by popular demand! This spinner is so quiet and smooth, you'd swear you were using a $120+ spinner. The finish is superior, with smooth chamfered arms and a great finger fidget feel.

This spinner comes with a newly released R188 bearing locking system. This allows you to simply twist off the protection ring, and then remove the bearing with ease. Never have to deal with the mess and frustration of glued-in bearings again.

This special bundle contains:

  • Get a 3 pack bundle of the Executive spinner
  • 60% off instant savings, $14.00 each