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Vortex Spinner

Vortex Spinner


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Vortex Spinner

Ready for an performance spinner that is both visually stunning, and pulls super easy warps nearly every time? Look no further, the Vortex by Kepler is here! Balances easy on the finger with the cupped stainless steel caps, then get it in the sunline while it's spinning and enjoy watching the colors of the rainbow. 

This high end warp-friendly aluminum spinner comes with 3 rainbow styled weights in the arms, and the newly released R188 bearing locking system, which makes it a breeze to reach 3-5 min spin times. This allows you to simply twist off the protection ring, and then remove the bearing with ease. Never have to deal with the mess and frustration of glued-in bearings again.

Save 25% off and collect the whole set of all 4 colors!

Material: Aluminum
Bearing: R188 Stainless RBS (removable bearing system)
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Silver

Weight: 2.4 oz 

Add Ons: Bearing Removal Tool 

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Click here for FAQs and Maintenance Zenduo Tank 

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