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What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget Spinners, Hand Spinners, or Spinners for short, are used by those who find themselves fidgeting throughout the day. They are often categorized as desk or fidget toys. Whether from stress and anxiety, ADHD, or simply restlessness, spinners provide the perfect distraction to help ease the mind and bring a little peace to your day.

How do I use a Fidget Spinner?

There are 3 main ways you can use a fidget spinner. 

1. You can pinch the fidget spinner between your thumb and pointer or middle finger. Then you can flick to rotate the spinner with the fingers from the same hand, or your other hand.

2. You can flick the fidget spinner to get it going as mentioned above, and then let it rest on a flat surface for an unassisted table spin.

3. You can flick the fidget spinner to get it going then let it rest on one finger instead of pinching it and allow it to balance spin on your finger (or the tip of a pen). Some people even enjoy spinner tricks, jumping it from one from finger or hand to the other and letting the spinner catch some air without disrupting the spin.


We are a family owned business whose mission is to provide the finest hand spinners and fidget toys, all at affordable prices. More info 



How do I Clean my Spinner?

To understand how to clean your spinner bearing or how to remove the bearing or caps, watch this video.

Here's some additional instructions:

  1. Remove the caps or buttons
  2. Try to remove the bearing (with bearing removal kit or by pushing it out). If not, you can also clean it while in spinner body.
  3. Use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol as a cleaning agent and switch the bearing around in it. (wash your hands carefully after using it - don't touch your eyes or body parts with it)
  4. Use a hair dryer or compressed air to dry to make the bearing dry. Do not use a rag or towel. 
  5. Replace the bearing and caps. And now use! 

How often should I clean my spinner?

It depends on how much you're using your spinner. Every day cleanings for heavy use and every other day for moderate use. 

What happens if a bearing comes out of my Pro Fidget spinner?

You can mix and match the arm bearings with the Pro Fidget spinner, and nearly all ABS tri spinners. They pop out and back in. If the hole gets too loose over time, just apply a little super glue before inserting the bearings back in. Same with the cap.

What happens if I take apart the Big Baller spinner?

Some people choose to modify the Big Baller and switch the back plates. But because it's a plastic spinner, it's easy to strip the hole for the screw. You need to take your time and not pull. Please understand we are not responsible for any modifications or damages to your spinner. As per our return policy, all sales are final.

How do I get the bearing cap off so I can get the R188 bearing out?

The Secret Service and Executive spinners both have a bearing retaining system that holds the bearing in place. You can untwist the bearing retaining system to the right with a screwdriver positioned in the cut-out. Then twist and unscrew with your finger and the bearing will pop right out.

How come my spinner isn't spinning as fast?

It's usually one of four reasons.

1) The caps aren't on right. Try unscrewing them and screwing them back on if they are loose, or switch caps to the other side and screw on.

2) You got something in the bearing. Sometimes it's hard to tell but it can be easy to get something in your bearing and ruin your spin performance. Removing your bearing and clean with soapy water. Blow dry. Then let it soak in ISO alcohol. Blow dry. Replace and spin.

3) You got the Pro Fidget spinner bearing wet. It's steel and can rust, keep it and all your spinners dry.

4) You dropped your spinner or your caps were pushed too tight to displace your bearing/cap placement. Watch this video

I tried cleaning the bearing and it still isn't spinning as fast. Can I get a refund?

Sorry no. As stated in our return policy, all sales are final. Due to the nature of the product, after receiving it in working order, it's your responsibility to maintain. Understanding and implementing proper bearing maintenance is part of owner a spinner, and is the owner's responsibility.

Can I get my spinner wet?

Water and steel are enemies. We recommend not getting your spinner wet.

If you do, dry it immediately to avoid rust. A blow dryer works great.

Can I request a custom spinner, or engraving?

Sorry, we are only offering the pieces available on the shop page at this time. We cannot take requests for custom spinners or engravings.



Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. Most orders within the USA arrive within 1-3 business days after shipment.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

We offer Free Shipping for all orders over $40 shipped within the USA. Premium shipping is available as well if you prefer a faster service.

How long until my fidget spinner arrives?

All spinners ship the same or next business day. Most orders within the USA arrive within 1-4 business.  

Can I change my order once I placed it?

We ship all orders the same or next business day. We have several pickups throughout the day, so it's possible your order could even be packed within an hour or two after you placed it and shipped out. We try our best to catch cancelled order or order changes, but if it's shipped already and we are unable to catch it in time, you'll be responsible for it.

Will I have to pay customs if I ship overseas?

We have no control over any customs charges, vat, taxes or fees your government may charge you for importing a product from another country. Sometimes people get charged a customs fee, sometimes they don't. Its up to the customs agent and how they feel that day, and unfortunately we have no control over it. Any customs charges, taxes or fees are the responsibility of the customer. If you choose to not pay the fee and the product is seized by customs, you'll be responsible for it. Sorry, we cannot put a lower fee on International packages for customs, we must put the true value, as per the law.



What is your return policy?

All sales are final. If you receive a spinner that had been damaged in transit by the shipping company, please contact us within 3 business days for a replacement and save the damaged packaging and take a photo. We will fight on your behalf with the shipping company for all shipping damages. More info

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept Applepay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB



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