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Lil Baller Spinner

Lil Baller Spinner


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Lil Baller Spinner

If you liked the Big Baller™ spinner, then you're going to love the Lil Baller spinner. This fidget spinner is so fun and entertaining, and jam packed with multiple ways to enjoy, way more than a traditional spinner.

How to use the Little Baller:

  • 3 Arm Fidget Spinner
  • Pen or Pencil Spinner
  • Spinning Top
  • Mix and Match Body Colors (when you buy two) 
  • All spinners come packed with an extra backup ball, 2 rubber rings for a pen spin, and a color coded mini stick for stealthy top spins.
  • New style has no screws! (no more stripping or losing screws)

The Lil Baller Spinner also comes with a performance 608 ceramic hybrid bearing. This high end bearing can be popped out and used in the Pro Fidget Spinner or any standard ABS spinner. Note: this is not meant to be used as a trick spinner. 

Save 35% off and collect the whole set of all 6 colors

Material: ABS Plastic 
Bearing: 608 ceramic hybrid (fits Pro Fidget too)
Spin Time: 1.30 - 2 min
Weight: 1.6 oz 

Click Here To Watch It Spin! 

Click here for FAQs and Maintenance Horus 6 shooter

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