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Pro Fidget Spinner



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Pro Fidget Spinner

Now you can get spinning right away with the Pro Fidget Spinner! This is the perfect toy for fidgeters, and has been helpful for those dealing with anxiety, stress, ADHD and more.

We found the best performance steel bearings in the marketplace, ones that even rivaled spin times of many ceramic bearing spinners. Combined with a competitive price and 6 fun colors, this spinner is a bargain has become a fan favorite.

This fidget hand spinner is perfect for the beginner, as it's made from durable ABS plastic. That means as you're getting started, you're not going to ruin it if you scratch or bump it, unlike other 3d printed versions or metal spinners. So have fun, table spin it, spin it with one hand or two. Perfect for all ages. Spin your worries away.

Save 40% off and collect the whole set of all 5 colors

Spinner: ABS Plastic (not 3d printed)
Bearing: 608 steel performance bearing
Bearing cap: Indented for solid finger spins

Spin Time: 2+ min out of the box 

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